Advantages and disadvantages of glass brick

Glass blocks are nothing new; they have been present on the market for a good few decades now.

However, from time to time they come back into fashion and a legion of people discover them (or, in some cases, rediscover them).

In the text below, we will talk a little about the advantages and disadvantages of this structure to help those who are thinking of investing in this type of structure to make a decision.


Those who follow Distel ‘s blog must already be tired of reading about the advantages of glass blocks. Even so, it is such a versatile structure that it is worth separating a space again here in this text to talk about them , when choosing a glass wall art

  • IT BRINGS LIGHT TO THE ENVIRONMENT: the glass block is translucent. Therefore, it allows a greater amount of sunlight to enter the environment;
  • HELP TO SAVE ELECTRIC ENERGY: as more sunlight enters the environment, the need to use artificial forms of lighting decreases and, with that, there is a reduction in the bill;
  • AFFORDABLE : the cost of this structure is relatively small;
  • IT HAS A LIGHT AND ELEGANT LOOK: glass is a timeless material that never goes out of style. Other than that, it brings lightness to the environment, being especially suitable for small places, in which the environment cannot be weighed down by traditional walls and partitions.


Glass blocks do not have many disadvantages, but the following points must be taken into account when betting on this structure:

  • IT CAN HEAT THE ENVIRONMENT: if the room in which the glass brick is placed receives a lot of sunlight and/or is not well ventilated, the environment can become stuffy and even unpleasant;
  • IT CAN BRING PROBLEMS IN THE FUTURE: if the glass brick you buy is of low quality, it will certainly present problems in the future, such as cracks, yellowing and even fogging;


Did you like what you discovered about glass blocks and are you thinking of investing in this type of structure? Talk to Distel ! We are specialists not only in this type of structure, but also in a series of other items, such as tiles, vats, cobogós and many other products.

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